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Outdoor Epoxy Floor Coating

Just a few floor concrete finishing options are perfect to keep your pavement safe as well as add extra beauty to your space, some of which prioritize a need over the other. Outdoor epoxy flooring on the other hand, contrary to the most belief that it is only used for indoor environments, provides your residential exteriors with a blend of functionality and aesthetics. Aside from being virtually appealing, outdoor epoxy floor coating is durable, easy to maintain, and can be used for several outdoor applications, be it a garage, patio, or pool decks. Its water and heat repellent feature also makes it well suited for outdoors as well as the hard surface that makes it resistant to scratches, damages, and cracks when heavy objects are moved within the compound.


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Wanted epoxy flooring done in our basement and this company knocked it out of the park. Very pleased.

- Don Brown

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Honest Estimates

What you are quoted is what we stand by. We promise to provide an accurate estimate on your roofing project, according to the specifications you requested, and honor that price when the time comes to deliver our roofing service.


Speedy Service

We try our level best to deliver our services on a quick timeline. Although we do book up fast, we are efficient with our time and smart about our scheduling. Customers are consistently amazed at how we tend to their roof repairs quickly.


Quality Craftsmanship

We only build top notch, stable, durable and up-to-code roofs that are designed to last. We don’t believe in cutting corners, taking shortcuts or being sloppy. We train all of our employees the proper way to build a roof as if they were the ones who had to live under it.



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outdoor epoxy floor

Outdoor Epoxy Floor Installation

We offer exceptional outdoor concrete epoxy flooring that has a high luster against the continuous harsh temperature. Our outdoor epoxy floor coating forms a protective film over your concrete surface, providing it with a hard, long-wearing, abrasion-resistant finish which is exceptionally water and chemical repellant and also easy to clean. Whether you desire to install epoxy paint over your new patio concrete, or over your old garage to make it more welcoming and vibe-filled, we will identify and specifically design an outdoor epoxy concrete paint that will beautify, and fortify your floor without much cost. Using our varying range of decorative epoxy systems, whether plain or mixed color, we will be able to create an awesome non-slip finish that will not just please you and your household but will also stand the test of time.

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Because the garage is frequently one of the largest rooms in the house and the first place you enter after a long day's work, its beauty is important. Apart from preserving your car tires, your garage requires a smooth, seamless finish to make cleaning easier and to make the space more appealing. We provide garage flooring that is long-lasting, easy to maintain, and safe for your tires. It is also resistant to scratches and cracks caused by high impacts or tire motions. We can create amazing designs and styles with our decorative options, which can also be tailored to your preferences. Our floors are long-lasting and require little upkeep, so you won't have to worry about maintenance or damage for a long time.

Patio Concrete Floor Painting

For a patio and pool deck, epoxy concrete, epoxy pebbles, epoxy coating, and epoxy resin flooring are all viable solutions. Because your house offers outside spaces where you can relax, the flooring should be exquisite and unique to give you a sense of cleanliness every time you come.

Porch Epoxy Flooring

We design home porch floors that will transform your porch into an oasis of delight, providing you with a beautiful location to relax in. We have amazing decorative alternatives that will please you and may also be customized to fit your taste, whether you require a plain epoxy concrete plain color, mixed, or even chips. We can also assist you in creating a non-slip, long-lasting floor that is not only appealing but also resistant to dampness, chemicals, and cracks, and may last for years with minimal upkeep. We install all kinds of porches including screened rooms which can also blend into your home decor and add luxury to the whole house appearance.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"J & S replaced the roof on a house we had recently purchased. They were quick, courteous, and professional...Couldn't possibly imagine a more streamlined experienced. Now we have beautiful roof with an amazing warranty."

Brent Shell

Lowell, MA

"Very friendly, polite, and accommodating. Work was completed quickly and the finished product was well was an aluminum porch badly in need of a new roof. I am very pleased with the quality work. I would recommend them to anyone!"

Elaine T.

Tewksbury, MA

"This company hit it out of the was done in one day with a crew that worked perfectly. I received four quotes three from big box national roofing companies and Universal J&S Construction Inc. came in at least 20% lower than everyone else."

Mark K. Hudson


The Best Boston Roofing Prices East of the Valley

Lower your roof cost and still love your roof!

We challenge you to find a licensed, insured, GAF certified roofer who can offer better rates than ours East of Pioneer Valley. After serving hundreds of customers, we’ve found that our roofing prices typically come in as much as 20% less than our local, licensed roofing colleagues.

If you are provided a lower priced written estimate by a licensed, insured, GAF certified roofer on a roofing project that involves the same service and materials we quoted you on, we’ll do everything in our power to match or beat it.

How is this possible? For one, we don’t believe in price gouging so our rates are fair for the high quality work we deliver. For another, our roofing team is in-house. Most roofing companies subcontract and outsource work to another roofing business, but not us. We believe in hiring, training and keeping our staff employed directly in order to create steady jobs for local Massachusetts residents and provide the most affordable roofing services for our customers. It’s a win-win arrangement for everyone!

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