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Epoxy Flooring Services

Greater Boston Area

We are a locally owned contractor who provides decorative epoxy resin floor coatings for residential, garage, industrial, hospital, retail and other concrete floors.

Boston Epoxy Flooring Systems delivers five-star flooring services to residential and commercial properties in and around the Boston area. Our epoxy flooring contractors understand the impact a floor can have on a space, and we are experienced with properly taking care of your commercial and residential flooring needs.

An epoxy floor coating is a cost-effective way to strengthen your floor’s durability and attractiveness. We work closely with all of our customers to make sure they get the kind of flooring service they need and that each one is beyond satisfied with the results.

We service the Eastern half of Massachusetts, East of the Valley, including Suffolk, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk and Worcester Counties.


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Epoxy Flooring Benefits

  • Durable
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • UV Protection
  • Easy to Clean
  • No Waxing Required
  • Safe, Smooth Surface
  • Resistant to High Temps and Chemicals
  • some stuff

Wanted epoxy flooring done in our basement and this company knocked it out of the park. Very pleased.

- Don Brown

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We try our level best to deliver our services on a quick timeline. Although we do book up fast, we are efficient with our time and smart about our scheduling. Customers are consistently amazed at how we tend to their roof repairs quickly.


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We only build top notch, stable, durable and up-to-code roofs that are designed to last. We don’t believe in cutting corners, taking shortcuts or being sloppy. We train all of our employees the proper way to build a roof as if they were the ones who had to live under it.



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Epoxy Resin Flooring Markets We Serve

Boston Epoxy Flooring Systems has years of experience providing concrete floor finishes to their residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Our team of professionals handles projects of all sizes, from home garage floor epoxy and gym flooring to industrial concrete flooring and basement floor coatings. We can renew the look and strengthen the surface of any concrete space with an epoxy floor system. We are a full-service flooring provider with a trained and certified staff of epoxy flooring contractors. At Boston Epoxy Flooring Systems, we take our job seriously so that we can deliver the best results to our clients. Whatever epoxy flooring service you need, we can take care of it.

Residential Interior Floor Coating Services

residential epoxy floor boston

Boston Epoxy Flooring Systems offers all types of residential epoxy flooring services. If you want stain-resistant, easy to clean, durable floors, installing epoxy flooring in your home is an excellent solution. Epoxy floor coating works great on nearly every room in your home, including:

Wherever there’s a concrete floor, chances are, we can coat in epoxy resin. Once the liquid is laid over the flooring and cured, the customization possibilities are endless. You may choose to keep the floor a solid polished color or choose to mix in metallic epoxy for a unique swirling look. We are happy to provide you with all of the options and make suggestions based on your needs and wants.

Commercial and Industrial Epoxy Flooring

commercial epoxy concrete floor boston

A commercial property is a valuable investment, and every aspect of the space should reflect professionalism, including the flooring. Boston Epoxy Flooring Systems provides expert flooring services for commercial and industrial facilities. Commercial epoxy flooring is perfect for a wide range of areas, including:

There are many types of flooring options as well, from decorative epoxy resin to polished concrete to chic metallic epoxy flooring. At Boston Epoxy Flooring Systems, our expert team of epoxy flooring contractors can install this high-performing flooring system into your commercial building quickly, efficiently, and affordably. Afterward, you and your patrons will be able to enjoy the perks of having an epoxy floor.

Types of Epoxy Floors We Install

epoxy garage floor coating boston

Garage Floor Epoxy

Home garages are used as more than just a place to park the car and store things. Many homeowners turn their garages into workshops, creative studios, and even extra rooms. No matter what you use your garage for, you probably want it to stay clean and organized, and that includes the floor. Epoxy garage flooring is an excellent way to sustain your floor’s lifespan. An epoxy garage floor coating adds a layer of protection from dirt, damage, and moisture. You won’t have to worry about stains, cracks, and water damage with garage floor epoxy. Additionally, a garage floor coating increases safety. Since epoxy flooring has a polished look, it can improve visibility. It’s also moisture resistant, so people are less likely to slip and fall on a garage epoxy floor.

metallic epoxy floor boston

Retail, Automotive & Beauty Epoxy Resin Flooring

Metallic epoxy and pearlescent epoxy coatings are a popular choice for beauty spas, hair salons, nail spas, tanning salons, luxury offices, restaurants, vehicle showrooms and any space that needs to make a high impact first impression. The result is not only stunning, but metallic epoxy floors have other benefits, including durability, slip-resistance, antimicrobial properties, and they can be customized to fit your style. For a high end, sophisticated look that withstands high foot traffic, epoxy coatings are a smart choice for retail, beauty and automotive flooring.

metallic epoxy floor boston
epoxy basement floor boston

Epoxy Basement Floor

Concrete basement floors are generally porous and hold water easily, which can lead to moisture damage, and mold and mildew buildup. An epoxy basement floor coating can act as armor over the concrete. It creates a sealed layer that is non-penetrable, making it impossible for moisture to get through and wreak havoc. Our team is happy to assess your basement and garage floors and discuss what epoxy flooring options are available to you.

epoxy school gym flooring boston

Epoxy Gym & School Flooring

Hallway, classroom and gym flooring should be resilient, durable and slip-resistant. Whether it’s for a school gymnasium floor, recreation center floor, small fitness center flooring, your private home gym or high traffic school areas, the floor needs to be strong, safe, and easy to clean. Our gym flooring solutions are quick to install and are easy to maintain and keep clean. We provide sports flooring in solid colors, partially-chipped, and fully-chipped epoxy floor coatings. Whatever style you choose, rest assured that your gym floor will not only look great, but it will be able to withstand the wear and tear most gym floors experience daily.

epoxy school gym flooring boston
industrial epoxy flooring boston

Commercial & Industrial Floor Coatings

Warehouses, industrial buildings, logistics centers and hospitals experience a high level of abuse, between foot traffic, forklifts, delivery trucks, pallet jacks, equipment carts and other moving machinery. Without a protective epoxy coating, commercial concrete floors are susceptible to chips, cracks and early aging. However, our floor resin creates a shield, an extra level of protection above the concrete base beneath to give your commercial floors more durability and life.

epoxy school gym flooring boston

Medical & Hospital Flooring

The healthcare industry has an important responsibility to provide walking surfaces that are safe to help patrons avoid injury during their stay. Likewise, having floors that are easy to clean is an absolute must for the health and safety of all workers and patients. Epoxy coatings provide the perfect flooring solution for medical offices, hospitals and surgery centers.

epoxy school gym flooring boston
industrial epoxy flooring boston

Food Service Industry Flooring

Epoxy floors are {an ideal option for the food service industry. Whether for a full service restaurant, commercial kitchen or hospital cafeteria, resin coatings offer easy to clean surfaces that are also durable. What’s more, epoxy resins can be installed with stunning styles such as metallics, pearls, swirls, flake and much more.

Epoxy Floor Benefits

Most people don’t realize the enormous benefits epoxy flooring provides simply because they don’t know what epoxy is. If you’re like many people, you may have seen an epoxy floor and liked the style, but didn’t know that the floor had an epoxy coating.

Epoxy floor coatings are typically made up of two parts: resin and polyamine hardener, plus a few additives. When the materials are mixed, it forms a chemical reaction that most notably creates a unique look and strong surface. Epoxy coating firmly bonds to the surface it is applied to, seals it, and cures it. The result is a dramatic, high-polished floor that no paint job could ever match.

Our floor coatings protect your driveway, patio, garage, and basement concrete floors. Applying an epoxy coating over a decorative driveway, workspace, or any space covered in concrete, will give it extra durability so that you are able to use it for a much longer period of time.

Concrete floor epoxy is beneficial in many ways:

  • Protects from mold and mildew
  • Strengthens surface to prevent cracking, scaling, and weather damage
  • Extends the lifespan of concrete
  • Provides protection from UV rays
  • Enhances color

Whether you want decorative epoxy or a smooth, shiny surface, Boston Epoxy Flooring Systems can deliver.

Epoxy Coating Styles

Solid Color Epoxy

Simplistic, yet stunning a single color epoxy coating will enhance and upgrade any concrete floor. With matte and glossy options as well as flat color and swirling multi-toned choices, a wide variety of monotone styles are available. Single color epoxy resin allows homeowners and commercial property owners to bring color and interest to their plan concrete flooring.

Metallic & Pearl Epoxy

Metallic epoxy and pearlescent flooring is an epoxy coating with a metallic pigment mixed in. These small glitter pigments get blended into the epoxy resin, then poured onto the floor. Once the pigments are moved around with a paintbrush or paint roller, they create a swirling, three dimensional effect. Light bounces off the floor in different ways, giving the surface an even more unique look.

Flake Epoxy

Highly popular for residential garages, automotive shops and parking facilities, the flake chip epoxy is a creative way to get stylish flooring that hides stains and dirt. As dust, debris and grease fall to the fleck epoxy floor, it blends in with the texture and multi-color pattern in the coatings. More importantly, this flooring is easy to clean and highly resistant to scratches when using machinery and tools.

Epoxy Flooring Advantages

There are many advantages to having epoxy flooring in your home or commercial space.

  • It can withstand more wear and tear than conventional flooring.
  • It does not chip or crack easily.
  • It can hide imperfections and produce an elegant look.
  • It is more cost-effective than installing new flooring material such as tile and vinyl.
  • It is resistant to shock, high levels of heat, chemicals, and water.
  • Epoxy coating lasts longer than carpet, tile, and wood.
  • The coating acts as a sturdy sealant that increases concrete surface strength and prevents peeling and tearing.
  • The protective layer keeps mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The uniform surface is compatible with vehicles.

Epoxy Concrete Flooring FAQs

hospital epoxy flooring boston

What is Epoxy Resin Flooring?

“Epoxy flooring” and epoxy resin flooring” are two terms that can pretty much be used interchangeably. Epoxy is made up of a resin and a hardener, so the “resin” simply refers to one of the components of all epoxy floors.

Epoxy Resin flooring is one of the most popular options because it is incredibly strong, sustainable, and customizable. Its biggest benefit is that it is long lasting because of its ability to withstand just about anything.

cafeteria epoxy flooring boston

What are Concrete Floor Finishes?

Epoxy is a concrete floor finish, sometimes referred to as a cement flooring finish. It is a coating applied to the top of a concrete surface to give it a more polished aesthetic, instill some durability and create a more slip-resistant layer. It’s an affordable and safe way to replace other flooring products, like tile and carpet. Whether you want to redesign your garage floor, provide a lasting and safer walking material for employees or install a more hygienic environment for children and pets, concrete floor finishing may be the solution for you.

“Epoxy flooring” and “epoxy resin flooring” are two wordings that can pretty much be used interchangeably. Epoxy is a mixture of a resin and a hardener, so the “resin” simply refers to one of the ingredients of all epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Resin flooring is one of the most popular alternatives because it is incredibly strong, sustainable, and customizable. Its greatest benefit is that it is tough because of its ability to combat just about anything.

Epoxy is a concrete floor film, also known as a cement flooring overlay. It is a veneer applied to the top of a concrete surface to give it a more glossy look, instill some strength and create a more secure surface. It’s an affordable and prudent way to replace other flooring solutions, like tile and carpet. Whether you want to improve your garage floor, provide a durable and secure walking material for workers or install a germ-free environment for children and pets, concrete floor coating may be the quick fix for you.

Our local epoxy floor installers help you take your residential and corporate floors from good to great with epoxy installation services in Boston. Call our office right now to get a quote and find out how epoxy flooring can benefit your house and industrial spaces.

In the world of epoxy floor coatings, we basically use these terms interchangeably. Technically, epoxy is a bit better for hard services where water resistence is needed.

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